Extension Brackets and Adapters



Our extension brackets and adapter plates are your customizable solution for mounting accessible pedestrian signals (APS). The extension brackets feature adjustable extension tubes, to ensure precise placement at the crosswalk’s end, helping you to meet MUTCD and ADA guidelines seamlessly. Our adapters provide you with optimal mounting capabilities and angles to fit any intersection’s needs. The extension brackets have adjustable mounting saddles, offering a secure fit on any pole, come complete with a wire chase for easy service entry, and include all the necessary mounting hardware. Experience the convenience of mounting APS devices, with compatibility extending to almost all APS devices available on the market. Extension brackets and adapter plates are your go-to choice for versatile, compliant, and hassle-free installations.


The Universal Telescoping Extention bracket and 90 Degree Extention Adapter offer a versatile solution for the installation of APS and sign displays. These brackets and adapters are designed to adapt to a wide range of needs, featuring adjustable mounting saddles that ensure a secure fit on any pole. With a wire chase for easy service entry and all the necessary stainless steel hardware included, installation is made convenient. The extension bracket plates, tubes, and adapters are all constructed from durable 6061 T6 Aluminum, providing both strength and longevity. Additionally, the design incorporates a lower tube with a threaded chase nipple, facilitating wire protection and preventing drips. To accommodate poles of various sizes, adjustable rubber buttons are included in each bracket, ensuring a snug and reliable fit. The Universal Telescoping Extension Bracket goes on to further enhance flexibility by offering options for banding or bolting to the pole through slotted holes. It is compatible with a variety of pedestrian stations, including our products as well as most other APS devices.

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Product Information:


Extension Brackets

Item Description Universal Telescoping Extension Bracket 4-7” Universal Telescoping Extension Bracket 7-13” Universal Telescoping Extension Bracket 13-24″ Universal Static Extension Bracket 2.5” Guardian Mini Extension Bracket
Part Number  503-0241S 503-0241M 503-0241L 503-0201-2 503-0208



Item Description 90 Degree Extension Bracket Adapter Inverted Mounting Adapter Base Station Post-Top Adapter 3.5”
Part Number 503-0192 503-0194 503-0169


  • Federal Yellow
  • Federal Green
  • Textured Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Clear Coat
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx (T)

Additional information

Item Description

Short: 4" to 7", Medium: 7" to 13", Long: 13" to 24", Static 2.5", 90-Degree Adapter

Agency Benefits


  • Available in 3 telescoping sizes and 1 static size
  • Made from 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Field-adjustable length
  • Service accessible from the back
  • Sleek profile

Key Benefits:

  • Brings intersections up to code with ADA and MUTCD Standards
  • Compatible with most APS devices on the market
  • Gives your intersection a more put-together look
  • Virtually vandal-proof
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions

What's Included?

  • Extension bracket or adapter
  • Mounting hardware

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