Guardian® Mini

Product Overview:

The Guardian® Mini is a comprehensive APS solution packed into a compact and user-friendly package. It incorporates all the essential features of a standard accessible pedestrian signal, including audible, visual, and tactile cues. Most importantly, the Guardian® Mini is fully MUTCD (December 2023), PROWAG (September 2023), ADA, and TAC compliant.

About the Product:

As our most cost-effective solution, the Guardian® Mini delivers durability, reliability, and simplicity, ensuring that pedestrians can place a call in all weather conditions. Its installation process is hassle-free, requiring no additional drilling or taping, as the Guardian® Mini can be mounted to any existing ADA push button mounting holes. Additionally, with integrated Bluetooth® capabilities, you can conveniently save, share, and upload settings and profiles using our PedConnex® mobile app.


Product Information:

Item Description Guardian® Mini
Part Number 501-0711


Compatible Signal Power Interface (SPI):

Item Description Standard SPI – 120 AC SPI XC – 120 AC SPI – 48 VDC
Part Number 501-0300 501-0301 501-0303

Powder Coat Colors:

  • Textured black
  • Federal yellow
  • Hunter green
  • Clear
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx

Arrow Type:

  • Field selectable
  • Double arrow
  • No arrow

Features and Benefits


  • No devices in the cabinet
  • Standard Bluetooth® interface with optional USB utility
  • Event tracking and data collection logs
  • Pedestrian count and call logs
  • Customizable time of day and night volume settings
  • Customizable sound directionality and quiet signal technology

Key Benefits:

  • Requires no new drilling or taping
  • Easy installation process with adjustable station angles
  • Independent locations and independent solution
  • Meets new PROWAG and MUTCD guidelines
  • NEMA TS2, NEMA TS4, IEC 6100, FCC Title 47 Part 15 Class B certified
  • Simple menu utility
  • Save, share, and upload settings and profiles with our PedConnex® mobile app and desktop utility

What's Included?

  • Base station with tactile arrow
  • Mounting hardware
  • Bluetooth® interface
  • Signal Power Interface (SPI)
  • USB programming cable
  • Customized voice messages (if needed)
  • PedConnex® utility

Features Available for Upgrade:

  • Powder coating in specialized colors


Simplify and expedite configuration tasks effortlessly. With the Bluetooth® interface, you can securely access your password-protected configuration settings right from your iOS or Android mobile device. Tailored for agency use, technicians can save, share, and upload settings and profiles on the go through our PedConnex® mobile app.

Product Sheet, Sales Sheet, and Manuals

Product Sheet

Sales Sheet