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Pedestrian Signals

PedSafety specializes in creating accessible pedestrian stations (APS) that showcase cutting-edge designs and advanced technology. Our offerings include two types of APS: the Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station (WiAAPS), which operates within a networked system, and independent systems featuring the Guardian, Guardian Mini, and Guardian Wave.

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PedSafety’s range of push buttons encompasses cutting-edge options, such as the 4 EVR solid-state Piezo-based switch offering both audible and visual feedback. Additionally, there’s the Series push button, equipped with a robust solid metal mechanical switch, and the Typical Movement button, which incorporates a Piezo switch with button travel.

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Signs, Brackets,
and Hardware

We offer specialized mounting hardware tailored for decorative poles and situations where push buttons need extensions to enhance accessibility. Our pedestrian stations are thoughtfully designed to offer a stable foundation for both visually appealing signs and push buttons. Furthermore, we provide pedestrian signs in various sizes and materials to comply with MUTCD standards.

PedSafety provides products that allow pedestrian access at intersections and public areas.

This includes Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Push Buttons, Pedestrian Stations, Signs, and hardware that allows these to be installed to specifications. PedSafety, A Campbell Company is ISO 9001–2015 Certified and designs and manufactures products in the USA.

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