Pedestrian Signals

Accessible pedestrian stations (APS) featuring innovative designs and state of the art technology are PedSafety’s specialty. We offer two types of accessible pedestrian signals: a networked system, the Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station (WiAAPS), and independent systems, which include the Guardian, Guardian Mini, and our newest touchless APS the Guardian Wave (pictured).



Push buttons manufactured by PedSafety include the state of the art 4 EVR solid state Piezo-based switch with audible and visual feedback; the Series push button featuring a heavy-duty solid metal mechanical switch; and the Typical Movement button featuring a Piezo switch with button travel.

Signs, Brackets,
and Hardware

Special mounting hardware is available for decorative poles and instances where push buttons require an extension for accessibility. Our pedestrian stations are designed to provide a solid platform for signs and push buttons that are aesthetically pleasing. We also offer pedestrian signs that comply with the 2009 MUTCD in a variety of sizes and materials.

PedSafety provides products that allow pedestrian access at intersections and public areas.

This includes Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Push Buttons, Pedestrian Stations, Signs and hardware that allows these to be installed to specifications. PedSafety, A Campbell Company is ISO 9001–2015 Certified and designs and manufactures products in the USA.

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About Our History

Dick Campbell founded Campbell Company, a subsidiary of H.D. Campbell – an electrical components distributing company, in Seattle, Washington, in 1972. Campbell Company, founded solely to provide products to the traffic industry, was instrumental in establishing the 2-inch pedestrian push button as a traffic industry standard. It has since then become a federal requirement defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act Access and Guidelines.

In November of 2020 the Tate family, owners since 1998, sold the company to it’s employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The employees look to build upon the great success of Campbell Company and continue to provide innovative and reliable products with the pedestrian in mind. With the change in ownership comes a rebranding of Campbell Company to “PedSafety,” reflecting the main goal of the company as a leader in Pedestrian Safety.

Campbell Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs, engineers, and manufactures pedestrian accessibility products that focus on the traffic industry – specifically the intersection crosswalk.

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