Product Overview:

The Guardian® is a cabinet-free, all-encompassing APS solution, renowned for its exceptional sound quality, advanced control features, and distinctive ambient gain volume control system. It incorporates essential accessibility features, including extended press options, vibrotactile walk cues, and the choice of optional clearance phase indicators. Convenience is at the core of the Guardian® experience. Users can access and manage all settings and adjustments directly at the station through a USB connection or wirelessly through optional Bluetooth® connectivity. This streamlined configuration ensures seamless operation, delivering optimal safety, simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness at every intersection.

About the Product:

The Guardian® is an independent 4-wire system that allows for true plug-and-play installation. Each station is independently configured at our factory but can be installed and customized at the intersection with our user-friendly software utility and mobile app, PedConnex®. While retaining the trusted features of the Advisor Guide Accessible Pedestrian Station (AGPS), the Guardian® goes further by delivering superior sound quality and even more advanced technology. With an updated, more vandal-resistant, and weather-resistant body style, users are guaranteed a protected and reliable system. The Guardian® is fully MUTCD, PROWAG, ADA, and TAC compliant and can be coupled with our universal extension brackets and 90-degree adapters, allowing the stations to be mounted at customizable lengths within accessibility guidelines.


Product Information:

Item Description Guardian® Guardian® BT® Add-On
Part Number 501-0811C 501-0652


Compatible Signal Power Interface (SPI):

Item Description Standard SPI – 120 AC SPI XC – 120 AC SPI – 48 VDC
Part Number 501-0300 501-0301 501-0303

Powder Coat Colors:

  • Textured black
  • Federal yellow
  • Hunter green
  • Clear
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx

Arrow Type:

  • Field selectable
  • Double arrow
  • No arrow

Adapter Plates:

  • 9×12″
  • 9×15″

Sign Add-Ons:

  • Films
    • Diamond grade
    • Engineering grade
    • Minnesota grade
    • Anti-graffiti
  • Braille messages
  • Street name

Additional information

Choose Station Size

5" X 7", 9" X 12", 9" X 15", Other

Features and Benefits


  • No devices in the cabinet
  • Standard USB utility with optional Bluetooth® add-on interface
  • Event tracking and data collection logs
  • Pedestrian count and call logs
  • Customizable time of day and night volume settings
  • Customizable sound directionality and quiet signal technology

Key Benefits:

  • Easy installation process with adjustable station angles
  • Independent locations and independent solution
  • Meets new PROWAG and MUTCD guidelines
  • NEMA TS2, NEMA TS4, IEC 6100, FCC Title 47 Part 15 Class B certified
  • Simple menu utility
  • Save, share, and upload settings and profiles with our PedConnex® mobile app and desktop utility

What's Included?

  • Base station with tactile arrow
  • Adapter plate (if applicable)
  • Standard aluminum sign
  • Mounting hardware
  • Signal Power Interface (SPI)
  • USB programming cable
  • Customized voice messages (if needed)
  • PedConnex® utility

Features Available for Upgrade:

  • Powder coating in specialized colors
  • Bluetooth® add-on
  • Film add-ons
    • Engineering grade
    • Diamond grade
    • Minnesota grade
    • Anti-graffiti
  • Braille messages on the sign
  • Street name on the sign


Simplify and expedite configuration tasks effortlessly. With the Bluetooth® add-on, you can securely access your password-protected configuration settings right from your iOS or Android mobile device. Tailored for agency use, technicians can save, share, and upload settings and profiles on the go through our PedConnex® mobile app.

Product Sheet, Sales Sheet, and Manuals

Product Sheet

Sales Sheet