Utility and Firmware File Downloads

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PedConnex™ Configuration Utility

(Video: How to Install PedConnex™)

PedConnex for Windows – Dropbox Download
(includes current Guardian, Beacon, and WiAPB firmware)

Setup PedConnex – Zip

Portable PedConnex – Zip

This will open a new window to download the .exe file from Dropbox. Select the “Download” button when it appears.

Currently unavailable, please check back soon or call 208-345-7459 if you have any questions.

PedConnex Bluetooth® Utility for Android *NEW!*

AGPS Configuration Utility

AGPS Utility, version 1.3.4
(includes current AGPS firmware, version 1.3.10)

AAPS Patches

If your APC software is pre- 3.1.3 it will need the following patch. This patch is a stable version.

APC Patch 3.X.X _ 3.1.3