H Frames (Button Not Included)


Product Overview:

The H Frame is a pedestrian station that offers pedestrians a comprehensive and easily understandable display of information. It effectively presents instructions from all directions, clearly indicating the crossing direction. The unit can be accessed from the top, bottom, or back, and comes with all necessary mounting hardware for quick and effortless installation. While the standard sign legend printed on the H Frame is the R10-4b, we also have the flexibility to print other sign legends as required.

About the Product:

The H Frame is specifically designed to accommodate any style of our rectangular 4-hole push buttons. H Frames are meticulously crafted to measure 3.37x5x7.75 inches, providing a compact yet highly effective solution. With a one-piece design, these H frames effortlessly fit utility poles measuring 2.5 inches or larger, ensuring compatibility with various pole sizes. Overall, H Frames are an ideal solution for adding more stability and protection than that provided from a button cup alone.

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Product Information:

Item Description Standard H Frame
Part Number 503-0150

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Standard, With Decals

What's Included?

  • H Frame
  • Mounting hardware

Purchased Separately:

  • Pedestrian push button

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