Accessible Pedestrian Signals – Independent Solutions

Tilted yellow Guardian APS
Tilted view of a yellow Guardian Mini accessible pedestrian signal

Accessible Pedestrian Signals – Networked Solutions

Yellow WiAAPS and green WiAAPS controller
Yellow WiAAPS Wave and green WiAAPS controller

Accessible Pedestrian Signals – Components and Additions

Side view of the Audible Beacon Device
Top view of a Standard SPI

Wireless Communications Systems

Example of TLPI with lit up LED lights

Pedestrian and Cyclist Buttons

Black 4EVR MOAB pedestrian push button with lit up led light
Front view of a yellow 4EVR MOAB Wave touchless pedestrian push button
Front view of a black 4 Hole Series Mechanical Push Button
Front view of a yellow nxtCycle Wave touchless cyclist button
Front view of PBI-L push button interface

Signs, Stations, and Hardware

R10-3w MUTCD complaint Standard Aluminum Sign
Black Universal Extension Bracket for mounting APS and MPS
Yellow tilted Modular Pedestrian Station
H Frame with standard R10-4b sign legend printed
Side view of a yellow standard button cup

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