Audible Beacon Device


The Audible Beacon Device provides a loud locator tone for the crossing pedestrian from an auxiliary speaker on or near the pedestrian signal head at the far end of the crosswalk during the pedestrian change interval. The beacon is aimed toward the end of the first third of the crosswalk enabling locator tones to be heard from all sections of the crosswalk. Pedestrians can activate the Audible Beacon Device by placing a call with the extended press feature (holding the button down for one second or longer) at an accessible Pedestrian Signal. The device is located at the end of the crosswalk (destination point), and is mounted at 7-10 feet high per the MUTCD NPA, where it can broadcast tones, up to 100 dBA to the final two-thirds of the crosswalk, during the pedestrian change interval.


The Audible Beacon Device comprises a speaker mounted on the pedestrian signal head or a pan-tilt bracket fixed to a pole, allowing you to position it at your preferred height of 7-10 feet on the side of the intersection that serves as the destination for crosswalk users. This is especially crucial for aiding visually impaired individuals when crossing intersections, as the speaker can emit significantly louder volumes than traditional APS systems, thereby expanding safety throughout the final two-thirds of the intersection.

During the pedestrian clearance interval, typically near the end of the first line of the crossing, users hear an audible destination beacon tone emanating from a speaker positioned at the destination end of the crosswalk. This distinctive and percussive tone enables pedestrians with visual disabilities to navigate toward the destination beacon, adjusting their course to remain within the crosswalk until they reach the final endpoint at the conclusion of the crosswalk.



Product Information:

Item Description Audible Beacon Device (Does not include SPI) Audible Beacon Device BBU (Does not include SPI)
Part Number 501-0211 501-0522


Compatible Signal Power Interface (SPI):

Item Description Signal Power Interface (SPI XC) 120 AC Signal Power Interface (SPI) 48 VDC
Part Number 501-0301 501-0303


  • Texture Black
  • Federal Yellow
  • Caltrans Yellow
  • Federal Green
  • Clear Coat
  • Unpainted

Installation Options:

  • Beacon Mount (FS)
  • BBU Mount

Agency Benefits

Each Audible Beacon Device is configured at the factory and customization is easily done by utilizing any laptop with a USB connection. Our menu-driven utilities guide users through set-up, downloads, and adjustments.


  • Plays all audio messages from APS
  • Factory or field configuration
  • Powered from SPI module 48 VDC or 120 AC
  • Sound directionality
  • Night and time of day volume leveling
  • Countdown Modes

Key Benefits:

  • Works with all PedSafety APS systems
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Destination beaconing
  • Can be mounted beacon-style or BBU style

What's Included?

What’s included when you purchase an Audible Beacon Device unit?

  • Beacon device
  • Pan tilt bracket for mounting
  • All mounting hardware
  • USB programming cable
  • Customized voice messages (if needed)
  • APS programming software

Features Available for Upgrade Charge:

  • Powder coating in specialized colors

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