Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator (TLPI)


Alerting Drivers

The Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator provides a visual warning indication to the driver that the intersection is active with pedestrians intending to cross the street in one or more locations that are potentially in a collision path with an automobile.

Why is this important? It now shifts the focus of safety from the pedestrians to drivers of vehicles. Drivers now have a visual warning that pedestrians are present and must proceed with caution.

This becomes extremely important with a right hand turn on a red light. Often, distracted drivers are not actively looking for pedestrians in crosswalks especially as they initiate into the street. 

The TLPI warning system starts with the intent of the pedestrian to cross the street. By pressing the pushbutton, the TPLI communicates wirelessly to a high intensity illuminated R10-15 sign, warning the driver intending to turn that the pedestrian is entering the crosswalk and must yield.

TLPI are ideal for a range of applications:

  • Right-hand turn on a red light
  • Legal left-hand turn on red light
  • Right-hand turn on a green light
  • Multiple turning lanes on a green light condition 
  • Visual warning of pedestrians is low light conditions or extreme weather
  • Visual warning of pedestrians crossing at nighttime
  • Solar, hybrid, and AC power options available

Wireless Communication 

The TLPI utilizes multiple wireless nodes to energize a high intensity illuminated R10-15 sign that provides the visual a warning to the driver that intends to turn.

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Product Information:

Sign Size

  • 18″x18″
  • 30″x30″

Arrow Direction

  • Right Arrow
  • Left Arrow

Signal Node

  • Part Number 507-0001
  • Supplied with SPI
    • SPI Part Number 501-0300
    • SPI XC (extra capacity) Part Number 501-0301
      • SPI XC can be used if pairing with a Guardian or Guardian Wave APS
  • SPI not needed if Guardian APS is already installed or is being installed with the TLPI

Sign Driver

  • Part Number 507-0002
  • Supplied with SPI
    • SPI Part Number 501-0300
  • SPI not needed if using a Solar Engine to power the Sign Driver.

Additional information

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TLPI Signal Interface Node, TLPI Sign Driver Node, R10-15 Right Arrow Flashing LED Sign, 30" x 30", R10-15 Left Arrow Flashing LED Sign


The TLPI provides drivers with visual indications of a pedestrian’s intent to cross. It was created to protect pedestrians who are making legal crossings from vehicles attempting to make a legal turn at a red, flashing yellow, or green light when pedestrians are actively in the crosswalk. With LEDs that adjust to ambient light, the TLPI warns drivers to be aware that pedestrians may be in the crosswalk by flashing only after a call has been placed.

Night Crossings

Nighttime can be dangerous for pedestrians, the TLPI provides an additional layer of protection for pedestrians who are crossing at night. The LEDs on the TLPI give drivers a new visual indication of pedestrians crossing in their line of sight.


The “Walk Sign” coming on for pedestrians doesn’t necessarily guarantee their safety. When a driver comes up to an intersection to make a legal turn at a red light, they often look right for cars then left. The driver will then pullout to make the right turn and not notice a pedestrian is making a legal crossing because the light has changed. The TLPI helps to increase the likelihood that a vehicle sees a pedestrian in the intersection by lighting up. These lights in-turn help the driver notice that there are pedestrians in the crosswalk and should wait for them to clear prior to making a turn.

Connected Vehicles

TLPI has been created with the intention of one day communicating with connected vehicles. After a call has been placed, a signal will be sent to the Sign Driver from the Signal Node as well as to connected vehicles to give drivers an additional warning that pedestrians are intending to cross. This will provide another layer of safety for the pedestrian and will help decrease the overall number of pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle while making a legal turn at a signalized intersection.

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