Product Overview:

The WiAAPS® is a networked 2-wire APS that utilizes the 2 existing field wires that are commonly used for pedestrian push buttons to power each Wireless Accessible Pedestrian Button (WiAPB). Should there be no existing field wires, your conduit is crushed, or you have no room to fit more wires in your conduit, WiAAPS® can draw power from the pedestrian signal heads through SPI to have a true 0-wire system where no wires run back to the cabinet. Like our other APS devices, the WiAPBs provide pedestrians with audible, visual, and tactile cues, as well as extended press and clearance phase indicator options, ensuring full MUTCD (December 2023), PROWAG (September 2023), ADA, and TAC compliance. With WiAAPS®, your audio files, settings, profiles, and configurations reside in the WiAAPS® Controller (WiAPC) or the WiAAPS® Card Rack (WiAPC-C), which both reside in the cabinet and can be accessed through an ethernet cable. Overall, its simple setup and web-based management are designed for remote monitoring and configuration.

About the Product:

WiAAPS® consists of 4 separate parts; the WiAPB (APS button), WiAPC or WiAPC-C (the operating system), Single or Double Term Board (routes power to your buttons), and the antenna (allows wireless communication). WiAAPS® is perfect for large or complex intersections as it has the capability to control up to 16 WiAPBs over 8 pedestrian phases depending on the Term Board used. The WiAPC/WiAPC-C maintains continuous communication with each WiAPB wirelessly through a secure 900MHz narrow-band radio. Users are guaranteed both safety and security as well as reliability with WiAAPS®’ mesh network protocol. Through direct ethernet access or a remote network connection, users can monitor and control system parameters in real time, as well as upload files directly to individual pedestrian stations or download reports generated by the WiAPC/WiAPC-C. Each system comes to you factory-configured and can be customized at the intersection with our user-friendly APS programming software.


Product Information:

Item Description WiAAPS® – WiAPB WiAAPS® – WiAPC WiAAPS® – WiAPC-C
Part Number 501-0901C 501-0910 COMING SOON


WiAAPS Accessories:

Part Description Single Term Board Double Term Board Cable Set
Part Number 501-0110 501-0111 501-0113E


Compatible Signal Power Interface (SPI):

Item Description Standard SPI – 120 AC SPI XC – 120 AC SPI – 48 VDC
Part Number 501-0300 501-0301 501-0303

Controller Options:

  • WiAPC (shelf mount)
  • WiAPC-C (card rack)

Term Board Options:

  • Single Term Board (8 buttons)
  • Double Term Board (16 buttons)

Powering Options:

  • 2 field wires
  • Standard SPI (wireless)
  • SPI XC (wireless)
  • 48V SPI (wireless)

Powder Coat Colors:

  • Textured black
  • Federal yellow
  • Hunter green
  • Clear
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx

Arrow Type:

  • Field selectable
  • Double arrow
  • No arrow

Adapter Plates:

  • 9×12″
  • 9×15″

Sign Add-Ons:

  • Films
    • Diamond grade
    • Engineering grade
    • Minnesota grade
    • Anti-graffiti
  • Braille messages
  • Street name

Additional information

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Station Sign Size: 5″ x 7.75″, Station Sign Size: 9" X 12", Station Sign Size: 9" X 15", Station Sign Size: Other, Part Description: WiAPC, Part Description: Single Term Board, Part Description: Double Term Board, Part Description: Wiring Harness

Features and Benefits


  • Stations are powered via existing field wires or from an independent power supply
  • Web-based utility or application-based capabilities for changes and updates
  • Designed for remote monitoring and configuration with configuration templates
  • Event tracking and data collection logs
  • Pedestrian count and call logs
  • Customizable time of day and night volume settings
  • Customizable sound directionality and quiet signal technology

Key Benefits:

  • Easy installation process with adjustable station angles
  • Networked APS system with 0 or 2 field wire capabilities
  • Can have up to 16 WiAPBs over 8 pedestrian phases
  • Meets new PROWAG and MUTCD guidelines
  • NEMA TS2, NEMA TS4, IEC 6100, FCC Title 47 Part 15 Class B certified
  • Audio files, settings, profiles, and configurations reside in the controller
  • Mesh network protocol provides reliability and security

What's Included?

  • WiAPC or WiAPC-C
  • Single Term Board
  • Wiring cable set
  • APC antenna
  • Signal Power Interface (SPI) (optional)
  • WiAPB with tactile arrow
  • Adapter plate (if applicable)
  • Standard aluminum sign
  • Mounting hardware
  • USB programming cable
  • Customized voice messages (if needed)
  • APS programming software

Features Available for Upgrade:

  • Double Term Board
  • Powder coating in specialized colors
  • Sign film add-ons
    • Engineering grade
    • Diamond grade
    • Minnesota grade
    • Anti-graffiti
  • Braille messages on signs
  • Street names on signs


Product Sheet, Sales Sheet, and Manuals

Product Sheet

Sales Sheet