Fully compliant with MUTCD and agency specifications, the Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station (WiAAPS®) communicates through a secured network and utilizes field wires for power. It is the first of its kind to use a wireless radio communications network to provide flexible, reliable, and secure delivery in a mesh network. The simple set-up and web-based management capabilities make this solution a truly innovative part of any intersection.


The Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian System (WiAAPS®) ensures full compliance with MUTCD and agency standards. WiAAPS® communicates through a secure network and harnesses field wires for power. Its straightforward installation and web-based management features render it a truly pioneering addition to any intersection. To create a comprehensive intersection setup, WiAPBs and a WiAPC are required. Please note that these components are not compatible with the previous AAPS system.

Secured Network Solution:

The Advanced Pedestrian Coordinator (APC) continuously communicates with each Advanced Pedestrian Button (APB) in a network-based, distributed control system. Direct Ethernet access or remote network connection allows real-time system monitoring and control of operating parameters, while also providing the capability to upload files directly to individual pedestrian stations or download reports generated by the APC. Now equipped with more outstanding sound quality, this innovative solution still offers an ambient gain compensation locator tone, extended press options, vibrotactile walk indications, and optional clearance phase indications.


Product Information:

Item Description WiAAPS® Wave WiAAPS® APC
Part Number 501-0901B 501-0910

WiAAPS Accessories:

Part Description Signal Power Board (SPI) Single Term Board Double Term Board Cable Set
Part Number 501-0300 501-0110 501-0111 501-0113E


  • Texture Black
  • Federal Yellow
  • Caltrans Yellow
  • Federal Green
  • Clear Coat
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx (T)

Arrow Type:

  • Field selectable
  • Double arrow
  • No arrow


  • Standard aluminum sign (printed double-sided when an arrow is present)
  • Film add-ons
  • Diamond grade
  • Engineering grade
  • MN grade
  • Anti-graffiti

Additional information

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Station Sign Size: 5″ x 7.75″, Station Sign Size: 9" X 12", Station Sign Size: 9" X 15", Station Sign Size: Other, Part Description: WiAPC, Part Description: Single Term Board, Part Description: Double Term Board, Part Description: Wiring Harness

Agency Benefits

The WiAAPS® solution is designed with access and innovation in mind; any agency can identify specific parameters for residential, retail, and industrial areas and save them as configuration templates. The APC is software-driven and offers flexibility in configuration options; any web browser device can be used to configure the system. Remote access is available to the APC when the cabinet is on a network. Our user-friendly software utility makes updates, data extraction, and programming straightforward and effortless. Aesthetically pleasing extension brackets are available, allowing stations to be mounted at customized lengths within accessibility guidelines.


The APB Base Station is made from machined, solid aluminum stock. Sealed and ready, each system is configured at the factory for a true plug-and-play installation. WiAAPS® can be easily retrofitted in existing intersections by utilizing the existing pedestrian input conductors.


  • Web browser access
  • Ethernet access
  • Remote communication
  • Configuration templates
  • Event tracking log
  • Data collection
  • Night mode volume and sound directionality

Key Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Networked solution
  • 16 PPB/8 phase control
  • NEMA TS2 certified
  • Meets MUTCD guidelines
  • Simple menu utility
  • Station angle adjust
  • Pedestrian count and call data

What's Included?

What’s included when you purchase a WiAAPS® APB unit?

  • Base station with tactile arrow
  • Adapter plate (if applicable)
  • Standard aluminum sign
  • Customized voice messages (if needed)
  • APS programming software

What’s included when you purchase a WiAAPS® APC unit?

  • The wireless APC
  • Single-term board (double board available for upcharge)
  • Wiring cable set
  • WiAPC antenna
  • APS programming software

Features Available for Upgrade Charge:

  • Powder coating in specialized colors
  • 3M specialized reflective sheeting for signs
  • Certified Raster braille messages on signs

Product Sheets, Sales Sheets, and User Manuals

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