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Introducing the nxtCycle Wave, meticulously engineered with cyclists in mind. This cutting-edge device redefines convenience and safety by seamlessly combining state-of-the-art technology with rugged durability. At its core, the nxtCycle Wave features a non-contact push-button system, meticulously crafted for cyclists’ needs. Cyclists can now effortlessly activate signals without the need to dismount, eliminating the risk of using pedestrian buttons or resorting to illegal crossings.

Crafted with ergonomics in mind, the handle of nxtCycle Wave ensures a comfortable and intuitive user experience. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, even in the most demanding environments. Plus, the generous actuation surface further enhances ease of use, making nxtCycle Wave the epitome of intersection innovation.



What sets it apart is its active infrared sensor, an innovation that functions flawlessly in all weather conditions, be it rain or snow. Crafted from solid aluminum, the button is resistant to vandalism and impacts, making it suitable for use on streets and bike paths. Moreover, the top of the button station serves as a handle, providing cyclists with stability while waiting for a crossing signal.

When a cyclist waves their hand within 1-6 inches from the sensor, the system activates a momentary LED indicator and produces an audible tone (dee-dah) to signal the pedestrian call. The nxtCycle Wave can be acquired in either Momentary or Latching LED modes, which may require specific isolators. Additionally, the button cup allows for straightforward installation on a variety of pole sizes, and the pole relief channel ensures a secure and snug fit.

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Product Information:


Item Description nxtCycle Wave
Part Number 501-0102


Interfaces Required for Latching or Non-Latching:

Item Description PBI-L (wall mount) PBIC-24 (card rack mount) PBIC-120 (card rack mount)
Part Number 501-0010 501-0005C 501-0014


  • Federal Yellow
  • Federal Green
  • Textured Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Clear Coat
  • Unpainted

Screw Type:

  • Standard Phillips
  • Pinned Torx (T)

Additional information

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Round Bezel: 4 Hole DCC 200 (state color), Round Bezel: 2 Hole (9-3) DCC 200 (state color), Round Bezel: 2 Hole (10-2) DCC 200 (state color), Round Bezel: 4 Hole DCC 200 A (aluminum, state color), Round Bezel: 2 Hole (9-3) DCC 200 A (aluminum, state color), Round Bezel: 2 Hole (10-2) DCC 200 A (aluminum, state color), Rectangle Bezel: 4 Hole Rectangle DCC 500 (state color), Rectangle Bezel: 4 Hole Rectangle DCC 500 A (aluminum, state color)

Agency Benefits

Where Safety Meets Innovation:

Elevate cyclist safety and efficiency with nxtCycle Wave™. Designed for cyclists who move faster than pedestrians, our system offers:

  • Accurate bicycle detection for optimal cycle lengths.
  • Convenient touchless button placement, eliminating the need to dismount.
  • Green phase extension to ensure cyclists have ample time to clear intersections.


  • Simple and easy installation
  • Mounts to any size pole
  • Field wire connection
  • LED call indicator
  • Latching and non-latching available
  • Extremely robust and weather-resistant
  • Vandal and impact-resistant

Key Benefits:

  • Place a call with the wave of a hand
  • Touchless actuation allows for less spread of germs
  • Increases cyclists safety
  • Discourages illegal crossing by cyclists
  • Has a handle grip so cyclists don’t have to dismount
  • Allows cyclists to place a call from the bike lane

Touchless Technology

The global awareness raised by the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred PedSafety into action. We’ve proactively designed and implemented touch-free solutions at intersections to curtail the transmission of germs and viruses, ultimately enhancing pedestrian safety. Our innovative approach incorporates an infrared sensor for contactless activation. Pedestrians can now request to cross by simply waving their hand in front of the wave icon, eliminating the need to physically press a button.

What's Included:

  • Touchless button
  • Button cup
  • Mounting hardware

Purchased Separately:

  • Latching or non-latching interface isolator card
  • Isolator Card

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