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Fully compliant with MUTCD and agency specifications, the Wireless Data Transfer Advisor Advanced Pedestrian Station (WiAAPS) communicates through a secured network and utilizes field wires for power. The simple set-up and web-based management capabilities make this solution a truly innovative part of any intersection.

Secured Network Solution

The Advanced Pedestrian Coordinator (APC) is in continuous communication with each Advanced Pedestrian Button (APB) in a network based, distributed control system. Direct Ethernet access or remote network connection allow real-time system monitoring and control of operating parameters, while also providing the capability to upload files directly to individual pedestrian stations or download reports generated by the APC. Now equipped with greater sound quality, this innovative solution still offers an ambient gain compensation locator tone, extended press options, vibro-tactile walk indications, and optional clearance phase indications.

VIEW: WiAAPS Data Sheet