TPLI® (Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator)



The TLPI® (Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator) is a vital safety feature that enhances pedestrian protection by shifting the focus onto vehicle drivers. This innovative system utilizes LEDs that adapt to ambient light conditions, flashing to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians in active crosswalks. It specifically addresses situations where vehicles may be attempting legal turns at intersections with red, flashing yellow, or green lights while pedestrians are crossing. The TLPI® initiates its warning cycle when pedestrians press the push button, sending wireless signals to high-intensity illuminated R10-15 signs from various manufacturers. This visual warning serves as a crucial reminder to drivers to exercise caution and yield to pedestrians, particularly significant when it comes to right-hand turns on red lights, where distracted drivers may overlook pedestrians entering the crosswalk. By providing drivers with real-time visual indications of pedestrian intent, the TLPI® plays a pivotal role in improving road safety.



TLPI® has been created with the intention of one day communicating with connected vehicles. After a call has been placed, a signal will be sent to the Sign Driver from the Signal Node to give drivers an additional warning that pedestrians intend to cross. This will provide another layer of safety for the pedestrian and will help decrease the overall number of pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle while making a legal turn at a signalized intersection.

Intersections need TLPI® because the “walk sign” status for pedestrians does not guarantee their safety. When a driver comes up to an intersection to make a legal turn at a red light, they often look right for cars and then left. The driver will then pull out to make the right turn and not notice a pedestrian making a legal crossing because the light has changed. The Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator’s LED flashing technology helps to increase the likelihood that a vehicle sees a pedestrian in the intersection by lighting up the sign. These LED flashing lights in turn help the driver notice that there are pedestrians in the crosswalk and should wait for them to clear prior to making a turn.

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Product Information:

Item Description TLPI® Signal Interface Node TLPI® Sign Driver Node
Part Number 507-0001 507-0002


Compatible Signal Power Interface (SPI):

Item Description Signal Power Interface (SPI) 120 VAC Signal Power Interface (SPI) 48 VDC
Part Number 501-0300 501-0303

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TLPI Signal Interface Node, TLPI Sign Driver Node, R10-15 Right Arrow Flashing LED Sign, 30" x 30", R10-15 Left Arrow Flashing LED Sign

Agency Benefits

Wireless Communication:

TLPI® utilizes multiple wireless nodes to energize a high-intensity R10-15 illuminated sign that provides visual a warning to the driver that intends to turn.

Ideal Applications

  • Right-hand turn on a red light
  • Legal left-hand turn on a red light
  • Right-hand turn on a green light
  • Multiple turning lanes on a green light condition


  • Solar, hybrid, and AC power options available
  • Visual warning of pedestrians in low-light conditions or extreme weather
  • Visual warning of pedestrians crossing at nighttime
  • Powered by Signal Power Interface 120 AC or 48 VDC already in your APS
  • Compatible with signs from any manufacturer with LED lights
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Bluetooth® configuration through the PedConnex® app

Key Benefits:

  • Alerts drivers of crossing pedestrians or pedestrians about to cross an in
  • Increased safety during crossings in extreme weather and low-light conditions
  • Increases the safety of nighttime crossings
  • Helps to prevent pedestrians from getting hit while in the collision path with an automobile


What's Included?

Package with Sign

  • Signal node
  • Sign driver

Purchased Separately:

  • Sign
  • SPI (unless you already have one in your APS)

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