Man running across crosswalk at night



“Most pedestrian fatalities continue to occur at night, although nighttime deaths have accounted for an even larger share over the past few years. In 2021, 77% of fatal pedestrian crashes occurred in the dark, with approximately 20% happening in daylight and 3% during dawn or dusk. Since 2010, nighttime fatal crashes have increased by 86%, compared with a 31% rise in daytime pedestrian deaths”, according to a Governors Highway Safety Association study. Solutions such as streetlights, static signs, or freshly painted crosswalks are not enough because more often than not, drivers don’t notice or obey them. Fortunately, PedSafety has an innovative, life-saving product that can drastically improve nighttime and low-visibility pedestrian safety. 


Addressing the Lack of Crosswalk Visibility 

At PedSafety we believe that everyone deserves to arrive home safely. We understand that pedestrian safety is a big concern and we take it seriously because, after all, we are all pedestrians. 

According to a Federal Highway Administration (FHA) study, “poor lighting conditions, obstructions such as parked cars, and horizontal or vertical roadway curvature can reduce visibility at crosswalks, contributing to higher crash rates”. The FHA also states that crosswalk visibility enhancements reduce crashes by 23-48%. 


Swap Static Signs with Flashing LED Signs

No matter how reflective a sign may be, some heavy foot traffic areas require more pedestrian safety precautions. These could be high foot traffic areas with low visibility in extreme weather like fog or heavy rain. Weather aside, you also have distracted drivers coming up to intersections to make a legal turn at a red light. The driver typically checks for traffic, pulls out to make a turn, and does not notice a pedestrian is making a legal crossing because the light has changed. The reality is, that if a static sign is constantly warning them about the potential of a pedestrian but they aren’t always there, the sign will be ignored, especially by frequent intersection visitors. 

This is where PedSafety’s Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator (TLPI®) comes into play. The TLPI® warning system starts with the intent of the pedestrian to cross the street. By pressing the pushbutton, the TLPI® communicates wirelessly to a high-intensity flashing sign warning the driver intending to turn that the pedestrian is entering the crosswalk and must yield. This push button LED-activated pedestrian crossing technology helps to increase the likelihood that a vehicle sees and is aware of a pedestrian in the intersection by lighting up. It also only lights up when a pedestrian activates the sign so the warning is for real-time pedestrian crossing. 

Some situations where a TLPI® is beneficial include: 

  • Right-hand turn on a red light 
  • Legal left-hand turn on a red light
  • Right-hand turn on a green light
  • Multiple turning lanes on a green light condition
  • Visual warning of pedestrians in low light conditions or extreme weather conditions
  • Visual warning of pedestrians crossing at nighttime



By implementing a pedestrian push button-activated LED technology like the TLPI®, you are adding an additional protective measure that shifts the focus of safety from the pedestrians to the drivers of vehicles. Drivers now have a visual warning that pedestrians are present and must proceed with caution. Contact PedSafety for more information.