Standard Extension Bracket (APS)



The Standard Extension Bracket is your ultimate solution for mounting multiple pedestrian stations with unmatched flexibility on utility poles of varying diameters. Its cutting-edge design and seamless modular assembly offer a wide range of extension lengths, extending up to a generous 18 inches, ensuring compatibility with practically any utility pole size. This innovative bracket is the perfect remedy for updating older crosswalk setups, ensuring they align flawlessly with the latest MUTCD and ADA guidelines. Elevate your pedestrian station installation with the APS Extension Bracket’s exceptional adaptability and modern design.


Mounting Options:

The Standard Extension Bracket is perfect for mounting large pedestrian stations (9×12 or 9×15) perpendicularly on shared poles. It offers versatile banding or bolting options with slotted mounting holes for compatibility. The bracket’s adjustable aluminum bumpers secure it to poles of any diameter, while a threaded chase nipple ensures wire-protected entry. Simplify your installation with this precise and durable solution.

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Product Information:

Item Description AGPS/MPS Bracket WiAAPS/Guardian Extension Bracket
Extension Bracket 503-0200 503-0201
90-Degree Adapter 503-0175 503-0192

1. Colors

  • Texture Black
  • Federal Yellow
  • Federal Green
  • Gloss Black
  • Unpainted / Natural
  • Other (Specify)

2. Length

  • 2.5 inches

Additional information

Item Description

Extension Bracket, 90-Degree Adapter

What's Included?

What’s included when you purchase a Campbell Extension Bracket?

  • Extension Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • High Quality Powder Coat (Yellow, Black, Green, Aluminum)


Mounting brackets provide a solution to mounting push buttons and sign displays. Each bracket has adjustable mounting saddles to provide a snug fit to any pole, wire chase for service entry, and all hardware required for mounting.

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