H Frames (Button Not Included)



The H Frame pedestrian station provides the pedestrian with the maximum amount of information available in a passive form. Instruction is presented from all approaches with a clear indication of the direction of the crossing. Service may enter from the top, bottom or back of the units. Each assembly is supplied with all mounting hardware required to quickly and easily mount and connect the device. The standard sign legend printed on the H Frame is the R10-4b, but we are able to print other sign legends as needed.

Mounting Configurations

The H Frame PPB mount is designed for a rectangular button with a 4 hole mounting pattern. Campbell Company H Frames are 3.37x 5 x 7 ¾ “. The one piece H frame fits utility poles 2 ½” and larger. Legends are available in screen print and reflective grade engineering films.

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Product Compatibility

The Campbell H Frame can be used with any style of our rectangular push buttons. In instances where a latching functionality is needed, the 4 EVR Rectangle can be purchased along with a PBIC-24 or PBI-L to hold the call.

H Frame Extensions and Mounting Brackets

An H Frame can be extended away from the pole significantly using either of our extension options:

  • The H Frame Extension Mounting Bracket is an adapter that is attached to the H Frame and used in conjunction with a 1 1/2” threaded pipe of the desired length and pole mounting plate (provided by the agency or contractor).
  • The H Frame Universal Extension Bracket is a traditional extension bracket that can be ordered in varying lengths. It is a complete assembly and comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware.

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