Guardian APS


Value & Reliability

Easy wiring access and configuration are at the heart of the Guardian, the latest independent system from PedSafety. This complete MUTCD, ADA, and TAC compliant APS solution has a simple and flexible configuration, and delivers safety, simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness at any intersection.

Touchless actuation is now available with the new Guardian Wave.

As a testament to its simplicity, the Guardian is a cabinet-free, completely independent pedestrian system. Encompassing everything agencies know and trust about PedSafety APS devices, the Guardian now offers greater sound quality and control, and provides an ambient gain compensation locator tone, extended press options, vibro-tactile walk indications, and optional clearance phase indications; all adjustments and settings can be made at the pedestrian station via USB connection or Bluetooth through the PedConnex® utility.

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    1. Color

    • Texture Black
    • Federal Yellow
    • Federal Green
    • Unpainted/Natural
    • Other (Specify)*

    2. Screw Type

    • Standard Phillips
    • Pinned Torx (T)
    • Other (specify)

    3. Arrow Type

    • Field Selectable (FS)
    • Double Arrow (DA)
    • No Arrow (NA)

    4. Adapter Plates

    • 5×9″
    • 9×12″
    • 9×15″

    5. Signs

    • Standard Aluminum Sign (printed double sided when arrow is present)
    • Film Add-ons
    • Diamond Grade
    • Engineering Grade
    • MN Grade
    • Anti-Graffiti

    Additional information

    Choose Station Size

    5" X 7", 9" X 12", 9" X 15", Other

    Touchless Technology

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a wake-up call for health and safety concerns across the globe. Campbell Company decided to make an impact with our products and develop touch-free options at the intersection to minimize the spread of germs & viruses and keep pedestrians safer.

    Guardian Wave™

    Equipped with an infrared sensor for no-contact actuation, pedestrians request to cross by waving a hand in front of the wave icon near the physical push button.

    With the physical push button still present and active, the Guardian Wave remains MUTCD compliant. No exclusivity or proprietary apps; the solution is available to all pedestrians.

    Part#: 501-0821

    Agency Benefits

    The Guardian APS solution is designed with ease of use and access in mind. Each station is independently configured at our factory but can be installed and customized at the intersection by utilizing a laptop or tablet and USB cord. Our user-friendly software utility, PedConnex®, makes updates, data extraction and programming straightforward and effortless. Aesthetically pleasing extension brackets are available, allowing stations to be mounted at customized lengths within accessibility guidelines.


    • Data Collection
    • No Devices in Cabinet
    • USB Interface
    • Night Mode Volume
    • Sound Directionality
    • Simple and Straightforward Installation
    • Adjustable Station Angle
    • Configuration Templates


    • Independent Locations
    • Independent Solution
    • Event Tracking Log
    • Ped Count/Call Data
    • Laptop Interface
    • Simple Menu Utility
    • NEMA TS 2 Certified
    • Meets MUTCD Guidelines

    What's Included?

    What’s included when you purchase a Guardian unit?

    • Base Station w/ Tactile Arrow
    • Adapter Plate (if applicable)
    • Standard Aluminum Sign
    • Signal Power Interface (SPI)
    • USB Programming Cable
    • Customized Voice Messages (if needed)
    • APS Programming Software

    Features Available for Upgrade Charge:

    • Powder coating in specialized colors
    • 3M specialized reflective sheeting for signs
    • Certified Raster braille messages on signs
    • Customized, street specific MUTCD signs (ex. R10-3i)


    The Guardian is an independent 4-wire system that allows for true plug-and-play installation. Our programming utility, PedConnex®, is a straightforward and user-friendly way to customize and program each station at the intersection. In addition to enhanced usability and a new, more vandal resistant body style, the Guardian comes with all of the same AGPS hallmarks that agencies all over the country have come to know and trust. You can expect improved sound quality, locator tones, customizeable verbal messaging, vibro-tactile actuation acknowledgement, and a host of other features designed to fit your needs.


    Make configuration fast and easy. Bluetooth® add-on provides password protected APS configuration in the palm of your hands. Designed for the agency, technicians can make quick settings changes at the intersection with their iOS® or Android™ devices via the PedConnex®App.

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