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Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator (TLPI)


Alerting Drivers

The Turn Lane Pedestrian Indicator provides a visual warning indication to the driver that the intersection is active with pedestrians intending to cross the street in one or more locations that are potentially in a collision path with an automobile.

Why is this important? It now shifts the focus of safety from the pedestrians to drivers of vehicles. Drivers now have a visual warning that pedestrians are present and must proceed with caution.

This becomes extremely important with a right hand turn on a red light. Often, distracted drivers are not actively looking for pedestrians in crosswalks especially as they initiate into the street. 

The TLPI warning system starts with the intent of the pedestrian to cross the street. By pressing the pushbutton, the TPLI communicates wirelessly to a high intensity illuminated R10-15 sign, warning the driver intending to turn that the pedestrian is entering the crosswalk and must yield.

TLPI are ideal for a range of applications:

  • Right-hand turn on a red light
  • Legal left-hand turn on red light
  • Right-hand turn on a green light
  • Multiple turning lanes on a green light condition 
  • Visual warning of pedestrians is low light conditions or extreme weather
  • Visual warning of pedestrians crossing at nighttime
  • Solar, hybrid, and AC power options available

Wireless Communication 

The TLPI utilizes multiple wireless nodes to energize a high intensity illuminated R10-15 sign that provides the visual a warning to the driver that intends to turn.