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Protected: nxtCycle – Cyclist Push Button


Where Safety Meets Innovation

Cyclists typically travel faster than pedestrians, so why have them use pedestrian cycle time? Return to coordination or advance to the next phase sooner with nxtCycle™. Accurate bicycle detection and acceptable cycle lengths make crossing the intersection safer for cyclists by providing a sufficient amount of time to clear the intersection. The push button is located in a convenient location for the cyclists so they can activate the signal without dismounting. The nxtCycle™ can also be used to prolong the green phase to provide adequate times for bicyclists to clear the intersection.


Campbell Company’s nxtCycle™ push button is an excellent detection solution that can be installed in an easily accessible location for cyclists, allowing them to activate the signal without dismounting, using the pedestrian buttons, or crossing illegally. The ergonomically designed handle, durable construction, and large actuation surface make nxtCycle™ an excellent choice for innovation at the intersection.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Field wire connection
  • LED call indicator
  • Latching and non-latching available
  • Increases bicycling safety
  • Discourages illegal crossing by cyclists

VIEW: nxtCycle Push Button Data Sheet

Signal Power Interface (SPI)



  • The Signal Power Interface (SPI) provides PedSafety’s Guardian line with power by converting
    the 120V in the pedestrian signal head to a safe 12V. “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” information is
    read by the SPI and sent to a Guardian unit.
  • The SPI can be paired with a PedSafety WiAPB (Wireless Accessible Pedestrian Button) to
    provide power to the button for a 0-wire WiAAPS system.
  • For intersections running off 48V, the SPI 48V is available and converts the 48V in the signal
    pedestrian head to 12V.