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signal power interface(SPI) component

Signal Power Interface (SPI)



The Signal Power Interface (SPI) plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliable operation of PedSafety’s Guardian product line. It accomplishes this by efficiently converting the standard 120V power source within the pedestrian signal head into a safe and manageable 12V supply. The SPI’s primary function is to retrieve and transmit the “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” information to a connected Guardian unit, contributing to enhanced pedestrian safety.

The SPI can seamlessly integrate with a PedSafety WiAPB (Wireless Accessible Pedestrian Button), allowing for a streamlined 0-wire WiAAPS system. This partnership empowers the SPI to provide the necessary power to the button, enabling advanced functionality without the need for any wiring.

It is for intersections powered by a 48V source, our SPI 48V variant is readily available. It excels in converting the 48V power supply found within the signal pedestrian head into the requisite 12V output, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.