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Standard Aluminum Signs, MUTCD Complaint



PedSafety’s aluminum MUTCD compliant signs are double-sided and available in 5×7.75 inches, 9×12 inches, or 9×15 inches. Various films are available for different types of reflectivity and braille can be added to any sign.

Universal Extension Brackets



The Universal Extension Bracket provides a flexible solution to mounting APS and Modular Push Button stations. Adjustable extension tubes allow the for optimal station placement located near the end of the crosswalk such that it meets MUTCD and ADAAG guidelines.  Each bracket has adjustable mounting saddles to provide a snug fit to any pole, wire chase for service entry, and all hardware required for mounting.  The Universal Extension Bracket allows for mounting of MPS and APS devices and is compatible with most APS devices on the market.

Mounting Options

The Universal Extension Bracket can be banded or bolted to the pole. The mounting holes on the pole mount bracket are slotted allowing for the use of existing holes. The mounting adapter plate is designed to allow all Pedsafety pedestrian stations as well as most other APS devices to be quickly and easily installed. The design provides service wires to be routed through the lower tube. Each pole mount bracket is equipped with a threaded chase nipple that protects the lead in wires from sharp edges as well as providing drip protection The brackets come with adjustable rubber buttons that snug securely to any diameter pole.


The extension bracket plates and extension tubes are machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum. All mounting hardware is stainless steel. MPS Extension Brackets are powder coated.

Modular Pedestrian Stations



The Modular Pedestrian Station (MPS) allows for a great deal of flexibility in design and configuration. Made from solid aluminum stock, the MPS is durable, vandal proof, and more than capable of handling extreme weather conditions. Whatever your pedestrian station requirements are, we give you the ability to customize the size, color, push button type, and mounting hardware options to produce the perfect look.

Primary Components

The MPS comes in various sizes to provide the surface area to mount both a pedestrian push button and sign. On the backside of the display is a matrix of tapped holes to accommodate mounting hardware, extension brackets, and saddles for various pole diameters. Available in round or rectangle form factors, the MPS button cup is attached to the display for a seamless appearance, which allows customization to agency standards. Each button cup provides for back service, and can be outfitted with a bottom service and plug for an additional fee.

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H Frames (Button Not Included)



The H Frame pedestrian station provides the pedestrian with the maximum amount of information available in a passive form. Instruction is presented from all approaches with a clear indication of the direction of the crossing. Service may enter from the top, bottom or back of the units. Each assembly is supplied with all mounting hardware required to quickly and easily mount and connect the device. The standard sign legend printed on the H Frame is the R10-4b, but we are able to print other sign legends as needed.

Mounting Configurations

The H Frame PPB mount is designed for a rectangular button with a 4 hole mounting pattern. Campbell Company H Frames are 3.37x 5 x 7 ¾ “. The one piece H frame fits utility poles 2 ½” and larger. Legends are available in screen print and reflective grade engineering films.

VIEW: H Frame Data Sheet