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Protected: Pedestrian Activated Signal System (PASS)


Wireless Communication

The Pedestrian Activated Signal System (PASS) provides agencies with a way of lighting up various signs that have LED lights installed on them after a pedestrian (or cyclist) has actively pressed a push button (either APS or standard pedestrian push button). The PASS provides drivers and other road users that pedestrians are actively crossing the street or interacting with the road in a similar fashion. PASS sends a wireless radio signal to a sign and that lights up after a pedestrian has pressed a push button.

PASS can be used with R10-15 signs that already have LEDs or any other various road sign that has LEDs installed by sending a signal from a Signal Node to a Sign Driver installed to a sign. PASS is the main component of the TLPI. The Signal Node identifies that a push button has been actuated and sends a wireless signal to the Sign Driver, thus lighting up the sign it is attached to.